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WomanKind Retreat Day

As we bring awareness to our natural cycles, we tap into a much greater understanding of ourselves as women in how we think, feel, relate & move in this world. It is in this way we begin to step into true maturity as empowered women.

Exploring the 'Autumn' cycle in your life will be a nurturing experience offering you the chance to connect with your Self through yoga, meditation, massage, journaling techniques, cycle awareness and conscious relaxation. Awakening the core vitality of the feminine spirit through slowing down, creativity and restoration.

On this day we will be....

~ Exploring the main archetypes of autumn~
enchantress / wild woman / Maga / shaman / medicine woman / healer What does it mean? How do we work within this archetypes power?

~ Remembering our connection to the moons cycles, why this is important and discover the waning moon phase and how we can tap into this natural force to propel our lives forwards.

~ Guiding you in learning how to lovingly navigate the pre-menstural and peri-menopause phases, in a way that supports and nourishes your whole self (and those around you!)

These retreat days are uniquely designed for women of every age at every stage. Embracing our diversity is what makes us beautiful!

"At menarche a woman enters her power.
In her menstruating years she practices her power.
At menopause she becomes her power."
Old Native American Wisdom

The cost for this special day is £50 / concessions £40
Due to time limitation there will not be a full lunch break but we will be offering herbal teas, healthy snacks and sweet treats to keep the energy flowing. ( All included in the price) Please email us to book your place.

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