Mummy & Me: Post Natal yoga and baby massage with Brigid Godwin

This fun and relaxed class is suitable from 6 weeks postnatal (or 8 weeks after a C-sec birth) until babies start crawling. It is equally nurturing for you and your baby. It offers you healing, stretching and strengthening in a way that acknowledges all that your pregnant and birthing body has gone through. It is also a truly wonderful bonding time for you and your baby and offers a really valuable opportunity to connect to other local mums. The class includes the following...

Postnatal Yoga is the very best way to start your postnatal healing, helping to tone your tummy and pelvic floor, release neck, shoulder and back tension and create all round strength and flexibility. We keep your baby entertained with songs and baby yoga moves.

Baby massage is a wonderful way to bond with your baby at the same time stimulating their physical, cognitive, emotional and social development with gentle touch and movement. Holds and movement to help soothe colic. You will be shown a simple technique to learn so you can practice at home.

Course begins on Monday 25th February from 11.45-1.00pm investment of £66.00 for 6 weeks.

NEW CLASS - YOGA FOR SPORTS with Sandra Berlin/Climb+Yoga

From Monday 29th April, Sandra Berlin from CLIMB+YOGA will be joining us to run a new yoga for sports class.

Body Mechanics is a unique alignment focused class designed especially for sporty people wishing to get improve there physical and mental performance through strengthening yoga. Sandra will work on flexibility with awareness on joint stability, strengthening connective tissues as well as antagonistic muscles. Promoting injury prevention and recovery.

Join her every Monday from 8.00-9.15pm


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